Anna Santistevan, a Colorado Springs native, arrived at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center in 2000 to become involved with the Docent program, graduating in the Class of 2001. She served as the “Docent Palette” editor for two years, also a recipient of the Alice Award. Making the transition to visual art instructor at the Bemis School of Art was an intuitive and natural transition specializing in metal jewelry design. 

With a career spanning over twenty years, Anna has taught in many of the children’s art programs at the Bemis School to include the Gifted and Talented Program. She has also participated in Community outreach programs, worked with the Boy and Girl Scouts and organized the Children’s Art Exhibit at the Pikes Peak Library District PPLD East Library. Anna has spent time with Colorado Springs School District 11 at-risk youth as well as special needs students using all available mediums to include clay and glass. Visit her Student Artwork gallery.

Art instruction



Beautiful jewelry design with purpose.


Innovator in the art design jewelry.


Provide art instruction, process and design.


Anna santistevan

Artist | Jewelry Designer | Instructor


Anna is currently offering private art instruction lessons upon request. For more information contact her at

Learn the basics of silver-smithing with precious metals, copper, brass and silver. Use soldering skills to fabricate bezel boxes, bails, closures, rings and chains. Great for gift giving or adding to your own jewelry wardrobe!