Dichroic (pronounced dye-crow-ick) glass, literally means ”two colored” and is derived from the Greek words ”di” for two, and ”chroma” for color. It was thus named because of its fantastic multi-colored and reflective properties. This beautiful glass represents an adaptation of aerospace technology to the world of art. NASA originally developed dichroic glass for use in satellite mirrors in the early 1990s, and also uses it for re-entry heat-shield tiles on space vehicles.

NASA revitalized the production of dichroic glass in the 1950s and 1960s as a means of protecting its astronauts. While the ancient manufacturing technique called for adding metals to glass melt, NASA developed a process in which metals are vaporized by electron beams in a vacuum chamber and then applied directly to surfaces in an ultra-thin film. To learn more visit this NASA website.

Dichroic glass tie pin created by Anna Santistevan. (Private collection)

Diochroic glass silver bezel metal rings designed and created by Anna Santistevan.
Dichroic glass bracelets designed and created by Anna Santistevan.
Custom dichroic glass earrings and pendent jewelry designed and created by Anna Santistevan.